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It is not possible to live in an absolutely toxic-free world, and we are often faced with scientific uncertainty about the causes and effects of specific chemicals on health or environmental outcomes. The relationship between chemical exposure and health effects is often complex and nuanced, and depends on the conditions of exposure, the characteristics and vulnerabilities of the exposed populations,...


It is well known that there are as many diets as there are industries. And it tends to be the hot topic when the good weather starts, driven by the desire to look good before the dreaded change of wardrobe. Social networks bombard us with stereotypes of apparently healthy, flexible and muscular bodies and gastronomic trends are constantly introducing "diet", "light"...


“He/she is in the springtime of life”, by which we mean that stage when a person is at the peak of his or her development, beauty or energy. It is clearly a season that we miss at other times of the year because we associate it with positive emotions because of the increase in light and temperature. Our body reacts by...