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What does food have to do with my mind and emotions? One of the most fascinating things about food is how it modulates our mood in a matter of seconds. It's amazing how a well-cooked course has the ability to bring a smile to our face, restore us to a state of stillness, or otherwise make us angry if what's on...


Vitamin D deficiency appears to be a global epidemic, affecting more than half of the population. It is an essential vitamin for bone mineralisation at all ages, as it regulates blood calcium levels, stimulates calcium absorption in the intestine and promotes calcium reabsorption in the bones and kidneys. In addition, vitamin D contributes to the process of cell division, modulates the...


The question in vogue is none other than intermittent fasting, a very widespread practice these days among those who wish to lose weight. Fasting is nothing more than not eating food for a period of time, but how long, for what purpose and under what conditions it is or is not advisable are the real questions of interest. Let's start by...