Improve your Financial Wellbeing: Discover the Benefits of unit linked insurance in yourCompany


Improve your Financial Wellbeing: Discover the Benefits of unit linked insurance in yourCompany

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In today’s world, companies are competing not only for the best talent, but also to keep their
employees satisfied and secure. The benefits of group unit-linked insurance are an innovative
way of looking after both the financial protection of employees and their financial future. In this
article, we’ll explain what unit linked insurance is and why it should be an essential part of the
benefits your company offers.

A unit-linked life insurance is a life insurance policy that offers interesting investment options for
employees and their beneficiaries, offering them protection and financial growth. The trend
nowadays is for the company to contribute in addition to what the employees contribute, thus
contributing to their well-being. It also helps employees to increase their savings by offering a
wide range of investment options.

These insurances have important advantages for companies and employees, ranging from very
attractive tax advantages for the former to improvements in attracting and retaining talent for the
latter. This is because it is a very flexible vehicle for both, allowing voluntary contributions by the
employee, and the company itself designs the operation of the Plan. It is very easy for
companies to meet the specific needs of their employees and at the same time fulfil their profit

This type of insurance is a perfect tool to promote financial education among employees,
encouraging them to save and the importance of saving for their retirement, or any other type of
situation that may occur along the way. Similarly, insurance companies have been adapting and
improving the range of investments chosen by introducing life-cycle options that allow
differentiation of investments according to the age of the employees. This makes this type of
insurance even more attractive for all employees regardless of their age.

As mentioned above, companies are increasingly interested in introducing this type of insurance
for their employees because of all the advantages for both. It is essential to develop an ambitious
communication plan to make the use of this benefit a success within the organisation and not
only appeal to a certain group of employees.

In summary, group unit-linked insurance is a formidable way to protect and grow employees’
money. It is an investment in their financial well-being and in the future of the company. By
understanding these benefits and how to encourage their use, companies can take steps to
improve employee satisfaction and competitiveness in the labour market.

If you are an employee, talk to your employer about the possibility of incorporating unit-linked
insurance into your benefits. If you are a company, investigate how unit-linked insurance can
improve your benefits strategy and the financial well-being of your team. The combination of
protection and financial growth can be a win-win!

Blas del Pozo Sáez
Associate Director Financial and Social Wellbeing

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